• 150MHz CPU, Intel 486SX instruction set, MMU.
  • 1 watt power consumption (200mA @5v)
  • 68mm x 28mm x 21mm (weight 28g)
  • 32MB SDRAM/8MB Flash
  • 10/100 ethernet
  • Serial console 115200 baud (can be used as 2 GPIO)
  • 4-pin JTAG (can be used as GPIO)
  • 2 permanent GPIO (1 LED, 1 button)
  • Linux
  • Supplied pre-flashed with OpenWrt
  • $20 each (for 500 units) -->Buy

So what can you do with one? Some random links to the wiki:

Slackware| Debian| Gentoo| OpenWrt| i2c| 1-wire| Bluetooth| Hard real-time| MMC| Emulate it

See also:

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